2.0 Release: This Changes Everything ;)

It’s been almost a year since I last posted here on my blog and over two years since I introduced to you fine folks…it’s been a busy few years..but I’m happy to say, IdPinThat is here to stay and version 2.0 is live now! With version 2.0 comes everything anyone ever asked for in […]

An Example Of Promises In JavaScript (JQuery)

A little context Here’s the situation. On the page we have checkboxes for selecting rows of data, and a button that performs an action on the selected rows. The action happens via an ajax POST back to the server. The POST requires a certain piece of data from each row be sent in the request, but […] From Idea To Launch In Ten Days

The Idea is a new microapp that I launched last week. The idea originally came from some of the sessions at #Fincon13 (where Pinterest traffic was a big focus this year) and then continued to develop in my head over the following weeks as clients started asking me questions about how to use Pinterest. Because […]

The Life And Death of a Startup Called AdRavage

The Beginning Back in 2008 my college friend Chris sent me a message about a new startup he was working on. It didn’t have a name then but was a system to watch Craigslist for new ads posted around user-defined search topics. Any new ads would then be emailed to users so they could be the […]

The Best Way To Learn A Language And Help Humankind At The Same Time

When I discovered Duolingo, a new platform to learn a language, I thought, hey this is great. I can practice what I’ve learned through Rosetta Stone and compete with friends, but as soon as I started using it I realized Duolingo was much more powerful than I assumed. In fact an independent research company did a study to assess […]

Why Launching Now Is Better Than Launching Tomorrow

Launching a startup or website takes time. It takes time to get ideas and thoughts organized, to develop them into something usable, and to put them on paper – or in this case, on the web. One thing I’ve learned from developing websites however is that even if you have the greatest idea in the […]

How My Life Went Into A Tailspin in 2012 and What Happens Now

As I write this, it is my 26th birthday. I’ve always been the youngest guy at whatever company I was working for. I was always admired for having my crap together and getting things done. People always made a big deal about how fiscally responsible I was. People were always surprised by how young I […]